You might be feeling stuck,
frustrated and hoping for a change.

At Soutien Counselling and Psychotherapy,
we provide a safe, non-judgemental
and emphatic space for you to explore
options for change.

Our goal is to provide Soutien (support)
as you create the life that you want.

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A unique approach

As first-generation women of colour immigrants, we reflect the rich diversity of this country today. We have worked with clients from all walks of life, and can understand the intricacies of battles we fight in our daily lives

We are advocates for social justice, and firm believers in counselling as problem-based, as well as resource-based. We believe that you can design the life you choose. We understand that change and growth aren't easy, and can provide a safe, non-judgemental space where you can tackle some difficult, deep rooted beliefs. We support you in moving towards a better, stronger you.

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Nikita Sehgal Psychotherapist Mississauga

Nikita Sehgal

MCP, C.C.C., Registered Psychotherapist (Q), Registered Social Worker
Zameena Jaffer Psychotherapist Mississauga

Zameena Jaffer

MCP, C.C.C., Registered Psychotherapist (Q)

Core Values

At Soutien, we do not limit ourselves to the sessions we have with client. We continuously advocate for clients within their many social systems, modeling empowering behaviors by teaching clients how to access services, and encouraging clients to become advocates for themselves within their communities. Through advocacy counseling, our goal is to help clients increase their feelings of self-empowerment and belongingness.

Our counselling is based on the premise of the goal-directed nature of human action. Through counselling, we create a space for you to extensively share your story. Doing so will help you gain an insight into the origins and development of emotional difficulties, and will lead to to an increased capacity to take control over feelings and actions. We help you create an action strategy to achieve your goal.

Our clinical process involves empathy, inquiry (exploring how and what we know), interventions (creating shifts in emotional states), and reflection (focused on lived experience to derive meaning). Our goal is to help you experience safety and security in the therapeutic relationship so that you may achieve your ultimate goal - Transformation.


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